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Aren't there more things to do in State College than just going to the same noisy undergraduate bars?


How many times will you fight for elbow room at an overcrowded college bar - just to be served the same uninspiring cocktails?


How many bar-floors will stick to your shoes before you decide to stay in or settle for the same happy hour specials?


Aren't there more things to do in State College?


We feel your pain.

We’re right there with you.

State College needs a new kind of nightlife.

So we created SmallBatch.


SmallBatch is keeping the pulse on the nightlife downtown.

Tune in to our radio show and hear our list of the best places to be tonight.


We hold small, exclusive, sophisticated events.

Here's what you can expect at events:






New people



We believe in creating smaller, memorable experiences that develop real connections.


Like the small batch distilling process, we believe in choosing quality over quantity.


Let's be honest - State College has a population gap.


So many young people struggle to find the social networks that are critical for developing careers and (dare we say it?)

. . . dating.


SmallBatch is a refreshing new concept that connects those taking the 'off-ramp' from the college lifestyle, with surprisingly talented local artists.


We've partnered with Leblon CachaçaWalnut Tree Distillery, Webster's Cafe, and Big Springs Spirits to bring you knowledgeable experts, new venues, and memorable drinks.


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Attendance is kept intentionally small, so watch your inbox and sign up quickly to get a ticket.

You won’t always know where SmallBatch will be held until a few days before the event,

but we’ll be sure to mail you directions to your refreshing night out.

“SmallBatch is a place to stretch yourself into something new in a comfortable, social space.”
— Chad
“Tasty drinks. Tasty snacks. Tasteful ambiance. Tasty company.”
— Andres
“I loved it! I think it is a great concept and something that a town like State College needs.”
— Santiago
“SmallBatch is a classy, hidden gem in State College for anyone looking to go out, not be in a sea of 21-year-olds, and have a great time hanging with friends or meeting new people. Bonus points: you get to learn a little something new about adult beverages along the way, too.”
— Angelina
“SmallBatch was for me time well spent. I was given the chance to meet young movers and shakers in my community in a comfortable setting. It was a lot of fun to build my network by already starting at the friend level while meeting some new drinks!”
— Katia
“SmallBatch is a truly unique experience. It provides a moment you cannot find at bars and a level of comfort only found with friends.”
— Elliott
“I had a great time at SmallBatch, it was the perfect opportunity to try new types of drinks I’d otherwise probably never have.”
— Zach
“I find SmallBatch very appealing as a young professional in State College. It offers a social experience almost diametrically opposite to the “normal” student drinking culture in town: fine tasting instead of binge consumption. It’s just a very different, fun venue to come out and socialize with on a Friday or Saturday night, for a more reasonable price.”
— Dustin

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